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Wisconsin Defense Report 10/15/2012: National Defense News Impacting Wisconsin
16 Oct 2012

Wisconsin Defense Report 10/15/2012: National Defense News Impacting Wisconsin

Joint Chiefs Of Staff Releases Concept To Build Joint Force 2020

The Capstone Concept for Joint Operations released late September contained an idea called globally integrated operations, which will be used to build and organize Joint Force 2020. The concept stresses the military’s agility and flexibility as the United States faces unclear and unknown threats in the future.

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Defense Contractors Pressured Over Delaying Layoff Warnings

 Key defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin and Boeing, were questioned by House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa about communications they’d had with the Office of Management and Budget in the days before it announced defense vendors wouldn’t have to warn their employees about potential layoffs caused by the January 2nd cuts.

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Army Faces Future And Reloads

Faced with uncertainty, the Army is fighting an uphill battle not only to win internal Pentagon budget fights but also to convince Congress of its strategy.

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DOD Priorities In Anticipation Of Sequestration

If mandatory spending cuts do take effect under sequestration in January, Pentagon officials will move to protect major weapon programs, including those locked into fixed-price procurement deals.

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Contractors In War Zones

U.S. military forces may be out of Iraq, but the unsung and unrecognized part of America’s modern military establishment is still serving and sacrificing — the role played by private military and security contractors.

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DOD Carries Weight Of Small Business Goal

In order for the federal government to hit its 23 percent small business goal, the Defense Department will have to step up its efforts to contract with small firms. The only drawback is that the DOD’s large contracts often leave out small companies.

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BAE & EADS Pull Plug On Merger – What’s Next?

After ending a deal that could have resulted in the world’s biggest aerospace and defense company, defense giants BAE and EADS head back to the drawing board.

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DOD Pursues Intel Innovation

The Department of Defense is driving innovation across all defense intelligence functions while determining priorities and partnerships.

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DOD Pushes Forward On Army Radio Program

The U.S. Army has been given permission by Pentagon officials to purchase 3,726 PRC-155 Manpack radios from General Dynamics, as part of the controversial Joint Tactical Radio System.

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Marines Shift To Cyber-Based Operations

The importance of cyber and electronic warfare operations to the Marine Corps is becoming increasingly apparent. As a result, the U.S. Marine Corps is shifting focus to more covert or cyber-based operations. During a lunch hosted by the National Aeronautic Association, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus stated, “As the Marine Corps is getting smaller, there are two areas in which it is bigger – special operations and the other is cyber. We started out a little behind, but we are catching up.”


Policymakers & Arms Manufacturers Struggle Amid Western Defense Cuts

Regardless if America’s politicians are able to avoid the brutal automatic military cuts of sequestration, the era of rising Western spending on weapons and wars is over. This reality not only challenges major arms manufacturers, but also policymakers with difficult political and strategic choices on the horizon.

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Reid To Revisit Cybersecurity Legislation

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced this weekend he would bring cybersecurity legislation for a vote when lawmakers return in November.

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