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Wisconsin Defense Report 10/1/2012: National Defense News Impacting Wisconsin
08 Oct 2012

Wisconsin Defense Report 10/1/2012: National Defense News Impacting Wisconsin

Pentagon doesn’t expect contract termination fees as result of budget cuts

Despite all of the controversy surrounding the across-the-board budget cuts that could devastate the U.S. military, Undersecretary of Defense Robert Hale downplayed what some in the industry predict could result in billions of dollars in contract termination fees.

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Where Obama and Romney stand on military & defense

With new turmoil in the Middle East, foreign policy and national security have become a critical topic in the presidential race. Michael O’Hanlon examines both candidates and their views.

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Senate approves six month CR – What it means for the Pentagon

The continuing resolution that was approved by Senate September 22nd will affect short and long-term Department of Defense spending in coming months. Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale spoke on “Financing Defense: Strategies for Leaner Times” and discussed the department’s strategy.

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Hill fears BRAC is not dead, just hidden

Congress may have thought it shot down the Obama administration’s proposal for another round of military base closures, but it’s still out there, according to Politico — only now, it’s flying under the radar. “Stealth BRAC” is one of several disparaging nicknames members have given to the Pentagon’s efforts to lay the groundwork for moves that could strip military bases of their troops and hardware, leaving the installations open but effectively abandoned, with little reason to exist. So far, the efforts have stalled, following a flurry of outrage from lawmakers upset by proposed moves that would have affected their districts. But Panetta has vowed to continue pushing for base closures down the road. And he could be more successful if he has the backing of President Obama, who hasn’t been willing to fight the unpopular battle in an election year.

GAO: DOD would benefit from developing strategic guidance

After reviewing the DOD’s fiscal year 2011 report, the Government Accountability Organization recommends the Department of Defense to set a timeline for implementing department-wide strategic guidance and to ensure that the guidance aligns prepositioning programs with national defense strategies and new departmental priorities.

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Pentagon explains focus on Asia-Pacific

After reviewing how to achieve the objectives of the national defense strategy amid changes to the geo-strategic and resource environments, the U.S. government has made a concentrated effort to improve U.S.-China relations.

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Women-owned small business program: A work in progress

The Small Business Administration has formalized a program that allows contracting officers to set aside procurements for woman-owned small businesses, but the move to award more contracts is likely to be slow.

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Sequestration and what it would do to U.S. military power

If Congress is unable to reach a compromise on how to solve America’s debt dilemma, almost half a trillion dollars in mandatory cuts to the defense budget will take place over the next decade; Concerns over how it will impact the U.S. military are at an all time high.

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DOD predicted to invest more in renewable energy in coming decades

According to a new report from Pike Research, a part of Navigant’s Energy Practice, U.S. military spending on renewable energy programs, including conservation measures, will increase steadily over the next 12 years, reaching almost $1.8 billion in 2025.

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EADS & BAE Systems: Merger in the works

With a deadline fast approaching, the merger to create the world’s largest aerospace company faces concerns over strategic interests.

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Pentagon spending shouldn’t slow before cuts

The Pentagon’s military departments and acquisition personnel were directed to proceed with normal operations, including training and contracting, despite the lack of action being taken to avert looming spending cuts. In a memo obtained by Bloomberg News, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told Defense Department and military service heads that the Pentagon “needs to continue normal spending and operations.”

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