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Wisconsin Defense Report 10/1/2012: Contracts

08 Oct 2012

Wisconsin Defense Report 10/1/2012: Contracts

Oshkosh Corporation

-Navy Contractawarded $67,540,517 for the purchase of 207 Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement production cargo vehicles, Nonrecurring Engineering, and Federal Retail Excise Tax for 299 cargo vehicles.

-Army Contract– awarded a $7,238,976 for the revision of the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck A4. Also awarded a $7,195,464 for procurement of Wrecker Tactical Vehicles in support of Foreign Military Sales.

-Army Contract– awarded a $28,576,564 for the procurement of wrecker trucks.

-Navy Contract– awarded $9,966,045 for the purchase of 186 Logistics Vehicle System Replacement production Weapons Mount Kits, 74 Cargo/Tractor Variant Armor Kits, 30 Wrecker Variant Armor Kits, Integrated Logistics Support.

-Navy Contract– awarded a $12,309,632 contractor logistics support (CLS) for the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement Vehicle (MTVR).

-Navy Contract– awarded a $10,442,583 for purchases of 14 ECP 115 MK 36 (wrecker) armored door upgrade kits for the Navy, 336 kits for the Marine Corps, integrated logistics support and non-recurring engineering.


Mathy Construction Company

-Army Contract– awarded a $22,025,162 for the construction, repair and replacement of asphalt pavement at Fort McCoy, Wis.


AMTEC Corporation

-Army Contract– awarded a $24,400,000 for the procurement of M1006 40mm non-lethal cartridges and first article test and physical configuration audit.


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