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08 Feb 2013

White House

“A much-ballyhooed panel of CEOs, economists, and labor figures that President Obama had hoped would help spur job growth is shutting down,” Politico reported. “The 26-member President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness had not met in six months. … The group met four times in 2011 and 2012, fashioning about 60 proposals that were largely adopted by the administration and 30 legislative proposals that remain largely unfulfilled.” WHITE HOUSE PETITIONS “The White House’s “We the People” petitions range from the inane to the downright bizarre. But behind the oddity is a carefully calculated strategy,” Time’s Michael Scherer writes. First, the petitions allow Obama to explain his views to passionate people who might never watch his inaugural addresses or the State of the Union speeches. And second, it gives the White House staff a list of thousands of e-mails for people on every side of the issue—each signatory gives the White House the right to respond to them on that topic.” If you haven’t seen the petitions, check them out.

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