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When You Say Wisconsin
09 Dec 2014

When You Say Wisconsin

When you say WIS CON SIN, you’ve said it all!

Well maybe not for everyone but certainly those words have a different meaning in the Badger state as the UW marching band has been using the Budweiser jingle for years.

That’s just one of a thousand factoids that we know about Wisconsin because, well, it’s our other home.

Many on the Capstone team come out of the Wisconsin policy and political world, whether as Chief of Staff to a WI Member of Congress, Director of Wisconsin’s DC office, Director and Deputy Director of the WI Senate Democratic Caucus, Congressman’s District Director and Campaign Director. Or on the non-profit side, the Chairman of the Wisconsin Procurement Institute, a former South Eastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commissioner, a Board member of Professional Dimensions or member of the CEO group The Executive Committee.

As such while many of our clients are national in nature, we are also enormously proud of our Wisconsin clients — past and present – Aurora Health Care, Blood Center of Wisconsin, IS Corp, Medical College of Wisconsin, Platypus Technologies, Quad Graphics, Rayovac, the State of Wisconsin, UW Milwaukee and so many great other WI companies.

We know that we are particularly well situated to represent WI companies and organizations in Washington for many reasons.

First, we know Washington. We live or have lived there and have had enormous success for our Wisconsin clients (just ask us, we’ll tell you!). This said, half our team lives in Wisconsin so if you want to meet, we’re just right down the road.

Second, we know the elected officials. We have worked for them, supported them, flown back and forth to DC and Wisconsin with them or advocated for clients with them for years. We also know their staffs and our proud to count many of the members and staff as dear friends.

Third, we get the humility that comes with living in WI. It was a former Wisconsin member of Congress (and boss) who taught me to lead with substance and the politic follows versus the other way around. We pride ourselves on our Midwestern work ethic and candidly value honesty and trust above all else. That’s why we carefully select our clients and why the majority of the senior team has worked together for over a decade.

Fourth, we know the issues in Wisconsin. It’s not only from reading the papers every day but also by being active in the community. We are then able to package and message those issues to a Washington and, if needed, a national audience.

Fifth, we are committed and visible in Wisconsin. We take enormous pride in our representation of our clients and the trust that’s been placed in us. After all, reputation is everything in our business and the reason we’re the number 1 government affairs firm in Wisconsin is that people know they can trust us. That’s why they keep coming back and we fight to earn that trust each and everyday.

So when you say WIS CON SIN you’re not only saying Badgers, Water, Paper, Education, Bucks, Manufacturers, Biotech, IT, tourism, Packers, Madison, Brewers, Up North … you’re also saying Capstone and we’re damn proud of it.


John-RogersFor more background on Capstone’s CEO, John C. Rogers, click here for his bio at Capstone or here for his Wikipedia entry.

Connect with him on LinkedIn or follow John on Twitter.

The views in this blog post represent the viewpoints of individual team members, not Capstone National Partners as a whole.

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