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USA Today Reports on Geppetto Avatars: The Doctor is in

30 Jun 2014

USA Today Reports on Geppetto Avatars: The Doctor is in


June 27, 2014, Geppetto Avatars’ astounding technological advancements in the medical field appeared in USA Today.

As USA Today’s  Consumer Tech Contributor Jennifer Jolly states, “A company called Geppetto Avatars is about to turn healthcare on its head.”

The avatars are a harkening back to the time of bedside doctors, when patients received immediate care and personalized treatment.  Now, with overworked doctors and underserved patients, the avatars allow patients to communicate with a Siri-like computer in order to assess and diagnosis medical ailments without a moment’s wait.

Jolly reports that Geppetto’s software “could be smarter than any doctor who has ever walked the earth.”

See the original video here.


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