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17 May 2013


“… Make no mistake, after a week of revelations over Benghazi, the IRS and DoJ, Pres. Obama’s administration stands at a precipice. … Consider the more immediate impact on Obama’s agenda, wrought specifically by the IRS: What GOP senator will be willing to switch their vote to give the Feds more background checking power? And forget campaign finance legislation; Mitch McConnell has just been handed the glue that will hold his conference together on one of his favorite issues. And DoJ isn’t helping either. Obama’s secret weapon has always been a sympathetic press corps. Snagging AP’s phone records has every journalist in DC angry at an administration that’s been more aggressive in hunting down leakers than any in history. Remember this week, perhaps the worst Pres. Obama has faced in office. Democrats fear comparisons to the 2006 elections are no longer far-fetched.” (Reid Wilson, National Journal)

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