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Using the Capstone Construct we uncover opportunities.

We take up your cause. And own it.

The construct is a comprehensive methodology that is built on insightful research, strong messaging, creative thinking and a team approach that bring the key players to the table.

Strategy and Tactics

Armed with Goals and Essence Inventory…delineate a strategic action plan with tactics.

Essence Inventory

A full organizational review…defines who you are, what you do, and why you matter.


The initial, absolutely vital step….provides a clear vision of what success looks like.


Defines milestones, manages expectations, and sets accountability to make sure goals are met.


Guide advocacy efforts…uncover opportunities and operationally execute a strategy, results in deliverables.

Strategic Action Charrettes

A rapid, intensive offering that looks at challenges through a different lens – examining issues from alternative, insider and outsider perspectives.