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Team Political Predictions

03 Nov 2014

Team Political Predictions

In a beautiful demonstration of harmony, the bi-partisan Capstone Team has approached the upcoming Congressional elections with one unanimous opinion. NOT!

Even same-party supporters can’t seem to agree on the outcome.

America’s reputation of political discord has been well documented and caricatured. And yet, the ability to vote – the multitude of voices – is not to be taken for granted.

So go vote tomorrow!

As for us, we have decided to respectfully disagree with each other. One thing’s for certain: November 4, 2014 will be a date to remember, and the results of tomorrow’s events will have a lasting impact – at least until 2016! So here goes…

1. John: Republicans take control of the Senate

2. Joyce: 50-50 with Joe Biden tie-breaker, so the Dems would win

3. Alan: 50-50 with Joe Biden tie-breaker, so the Dems would win

4. Erik: 50-50 with Joe Biden tie-breaker, so the Dems would win

5. Ross: 51-46 Republican with 3 independent – Georgia and Louisiana will go Republican in the run-offscaricatured

6. Diane: Republicans will take control of the Senate

7. Maggie: Republicans will take control of the Senate, with big wins in Alaska (Dan Sullivan), Arkansas (Tom Cotton), Georgia (David Perdue), Iowa (Joni Ernst), and Kansas (Pat Roberts).  Democrat Incumbent Mary Landrieu will keep her seat in Louisiana without a runoff.

8. Alex: Republicans will take control of the Senate

9. Steve: Republicans will pick up six to eight seats in the Senate, which will give them the majority in the US Senate.


Don’t forget to tune into CBS 58 News at 10:00 pm tomorrow night to hear our CEO John Rogers’ take on the elections.

What do you think the results will be? Leave your comments in the box below!




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