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John Weinfurter

John Weinfurter provides unparalleled knowledge of Washington, DC and the intricacies of the political process. Following a 20-year career on Capitol Hill as the Chief of Staff to the late U.S. Representative John Joseph Moakley (D-MA), where he served as the principal liaison to House Leadership through five presidential administrations and to the corporate and professional communities of Boston and Washington, he served as the President and CEO of the Congressional Economic Leadership Institute (CELI). CELI is a bipartisan and bicameral educational foundation designed to acquaint Members of Congress, their staffs, and corporate executives with emerging economic issues. During his tenure at CELI, Mr. Weinfurter administered over 200 sessions in the U.S. Senate and House, and brought CEOs, foreign heads of state, parliamentary delegations, authors, economists, cabinet secretaries, and regulatory agency leadership together in forums on economic growth and productivity.

Prior to joining Capstone, John was Vice President of the Government Relations Division for Witt O’Brien. Before that, he was president and a principal at the Washington, DC-based lobbying firm of KSCW, Inc.

For over a decade, John has provided government relations, strategic counsel, and monitoring and analysis of policy, legislative, and regulatory issues that affect clients from a broad spectrum of market sectors including healthcare, energy, insurance, accounting and financial services, international development, technology, education, aviation, and defense.

Mr. Weinfurter is also the current President of the House Chiefs of Staff Alumni Association (HCOSAA), an Alumni-driven educational professional organization that brings together former and current House Chiefs of Staff for networking events and presentations on current events. Additionally, HCOSAA administratively assists the House Chiefs of Staff Association, the organization representing current chiefs of staff.