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Strategic Action Charrettes

“Never before and never again will this group of amazing individuals be brought together to address our challenge.”


Today, leaders face challenges that are more complex than ever before.

That’s why Capstone developed a next generation problem-solving program that brings together innovative thinkers who work together to solve organizational and/or business challenges.

We call this distinct offering a Strategic Action Charrette.

A Strategic Action Charrette is a rapid, intensive offering that looks at challenges through a different lens – examining issues from alternative, insider and outsider perspectives. To do this, Capstone brings together a customized team of strategic creative individuals from Hollywood, scientific and academic thought leaders such as neuroscientists and NASA astronauts and Subject Matter Experts.

Charrettes are not a solution for everyone. But innovative leaders looking for new solutions to tough challenges will find an answer here.

Our team has a proven track record of designing and conducting scores of Charrettes that have ranged in topics from countering the messaging of homegrown terrorism for the National Security Community to what computing interfaces will look like in 20 years.

Since 2001, we have assembled the most diverse set of rich thinkers, experts and problem solvers ever brought together for the sole purpose of providing solutions to the complex challenges that keep leaders up at night.


So what does a Strategic Action Charrette do?

  • It tests assumptions and rigidity of thought
  • It provides suggestive approaches for strategically and tactically responding through messaging; and,
  • It enables concrete breakthroughs through a highly creative bonding activity from which all participants will benefit and grow.


How does it work?

Each program is designed to address an organization’s most pressing challenges. Participants work through a variety of tasks related to the issue to be addressed in a series of breakout groups, with regular facilitation and plenary reporting. Following the two- or three-day session, a report is prepared to brief stakeholders on the outcomes.


What kinds of problems are addressed?

Today, the process is used to address an organization or industry’s most vexing problems, ranging from the future of healthcare delivery systems in the next decade to how advances in voice communication technology will shape the way we live and work. Previous Charrettes have ranged from examining new approaches to treating, diagnosing and preventing Parkinson’s disease, to looking at how people will interact with computers in the next twenty years.