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Spring Recess

04 Apr 2013

Spring Recess

“…Congress’s spring recess —er, “district work period” — is well under way, with members returning home for Easter and Passover, for school vacations, and to complaints from constituents. During this season of renewal, there is perhaps more hope than there has been for a while on Capitol Hill. It’s not that there’s anything like an agreement on the big issues of the day, the budget or guns or immigration. A debt-ceiling fight still looms. But last week’s “vote-a-rama” with its 5 a.m. passage of a Senate version of a spending plan to continue funding the government signals some return to normalcy. The promise of committees doing the quotidian work of crafting a budget, instead of the drama-laden exploits of the White House and congressional leadership, augurs well — or at least, better than the last two years. As parents and dog owners know, having some rules, some structure helps a lot.”
-Matt Cooper, National Journal

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