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Show Me the Money
09 Jun 2014

Show Me the Money

In Jerry Maguire Tom Cruise famously shouts, “show me the money!” forever searing an undeniable truth into the American consciousness. While business people over 30 might get a nice chuckle out of our beloved Jerry, at the end of the day, earning money and producing results is what business is all about. This is not to say that businesses, universities, and other organizations don’t do great things on a daily basis. Of course they do. But at the beginning and end of the day, it’s about the money.



In fact, I can only think of a few types of entities in which profit is not necessarily first and foremost a part of the decision-making process: governments, foundations, non-governmental organizations, and non-profits. These organizations can and do occasionally take action solely for the betterment of others, without profit or agenda in mind. But even so, money matters.

To believe money doesn’t matter is naïve at best. Of course it does; that’s why our clients come to us. On the PR side of the house they seek our help because negative press could damage their brand and their bottom line. Conversely, a good story can help them, and no story or visibility could cause a potential customer to look elsewhere, affecting the bottom line.

Our government relations clients often have a more informed way of solving problems, or a better approach, that will both save the government money and make the client money. Our clients may come to us because they have a military installation that, if closed, will cost the community jobs and, of course, money. They may come to us seeking Research and Development money if they have a great idea they want to enact; although government money is difficult to obtain, it’s a lot cheaper than Venture Capital money.


Here at Capstone we look at the world through the same lens as our clients. In fact, we view our niche as helping organizations tell their stories so that they can capture dollars and jobs today and tomorrow. Everyday we wake up and ask ourselves: how can we benefit our clients and their bottom line?

So if you’re in need of telling your story because you recognize that doing so is ultimately going to help your startup technology company’s bottom line, or if you’re part of a research organization that knows that capturing dollars is the way to accelerate research, or you’re a business who wants to tap into or change a government policy, give us a call. Our business is the proverbial dog with a bone making it happen for you.





For more background on Capstone’s CEO, John C. Rogers, click here for his bio at Capstone or here for his Wikipedia entry.

Connect with him on LinkedIn or follow John on Twitter.





The views in this blog post represent the viewpoints of individual team members, not Capstone National Partners as a whole.

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