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Senate Approves Debt-Ceiling Bill
08 Feb 2013

Senate Approves Debt-Ceiling Bill

The Senate approved a measure 64-34 on Thursday to suspend the $16.4 trillion limit on federal borrowing, following its passage last week by the GOP-led House. The bill will now go to Obama, who has said he will sign it, averting a situation in which the government may have defaulted on its debt this month. The bill also requires both chambers to pass a budget by April 15 or risk losing their pay. LONG, TOUGH SLOG OF TRENCH WARFARE THIS YEAR The National Journal surmised that, “With Washington fixated on Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing, most folks paid little mind to the Senate’s vote today to suspend the debt limit, missing another crucial moment in the Senate’s rightward drift. Not only did most Senate Republicans vote against legislation that allows the government to pay bills it’s already racked up, all four of the conference’s newest members joined them. Sens. Flake, Cruz, Fischer and Scott … demonstrated that the newest generation of GOPers is more Jim DeMint than Bob Dole. The vote today is a clear marker in the upcoming battles over the sequester and the continuing resolution to fund the government that Senate Republicans aren’t in the mood for compromise when it comes to trading more revenues for spending cuts.”

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