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Rubio’s Response to the State of the Union

15 Feb 2013

Rubio’s Response to the State of the Union

WATER BOTTLE MOMENT From the WashPost, “The job of responding to the State of the Union address is a thankless task…. At worst, the responder looks like he’s taped a hostage video. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal still hasn’t recovered from his much mocked response in 2009.” Fox News Latino wrote, “Rubio’s response was billed as a watershed moment, his audition for a potential Presidential run in 2016. But no one expected the water-break moment of the year. …During the Florida Senator’s much anticipated Republican response to President Barack Obama’s SOTU Tuesday night, Rubio spoke of the problems of big government, but it was his small sip of water in the middle of his live speech that was all the buzz with Latinos on social media. Wednesday morning, on the Fox News morning show, Fox & Friends, Rubio took the lunge for water in stride. Trying to beat critics to the punch, Rubio tweeted a picture of his water bottle. And while some pundits poked fun at the moment, others rushed to his defense, noting that it’s common to get dry mouth under bright lights and that it’s not a big deal. So much of it is the setting,” Fox News analyst Charles Krauthhammer said. “Here you are in a room, cameras and all that, looking for a glass of water. I think it’s a really hard job … it was an excellent speech but it’s a tough spot.”

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