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Advocacy Campaigns Transformed

The Challenge

Government, at any level, is a mess, and working with it can be messy. Yet at some point in time, most businesses recognize it’s critical to engage with government. But they find that the language is different. The ethos is different. The priorities are different, and this collective gulf makes dealing with government hard.

Companies hire lobbyists, public relations professionals, lawyers, and other consultants when they find themselves thrust into a situation where they need to get big things done with government. Not doing so can cost a business tens or hundreds of millions and millions of dollars in valuations, penalties, or lost revenue. Handling it wrong can damage brands, as well as result in legal repercussions.

Consultants charge real dollars, taking a bite out of profit, and management teams are often rightly skeptical as to whether the consultants are as obsessed with accomplishing the task at hand as they want them to be. Yet, managing and bird-dogging consultants is almost always a challenge.

C-suite leaders struggle to manage consultants as operational activities rightly dominate their schedules. As a result, consultants are frequently under-managed. The executives may be brilliant, but, more often than not, navigating the nuance of government is like teaching an aging baby boomer luddite how to become a computer programmer.

Adding to the challenge, consultants frequently don’t understand what pressures their clients have because they don’t have the breadth and depth of business experience. They are distracted with 10 given clients and the constant need to recruit the next client.

Enter Advocacy Campaigns Transformed (ACT)

Our team is unique. We understand business and we understand government. Our founder, who leads the team, has been the CEO of a billion-dollar company and understands the challenges leadership teams face in meeting board and shareholder expectations. He’s led countless advocacy campaigns in Washington and throughout the nation. As the #2 at the Department of Defense (DOD), he oversaw relations with Congress and then founded a lobbying company that still exists today, despite him moving on to other chapters. His book about life being a series of campaigns, is scheduled to be published this summer.

ACT has a unique offering. Here’s what we do, why we do it, and the benefits to your organization. We will:

  • Lead your prioritized government engagements.
  • Allow your leadership team to focus on their jobs – delivering operational results – not babysitting consulting firms.
  • Manage and bird-dog your consultants.
  • Communicate intelligence, insights and key data points to internal stakeholders.
  • Provide full “campaign oversight,” including definitions of outcomes, mapping of the process, contextual understanding, strategies, tactics, and execution.
  • Round out the consulting teams where there are gaps and build them when they are needed.
  • Assess, build, and if necessary, reduce consultant teams.
  • Provide focus and a disciplined team effectively serving as your de facto Chief Campaign Officer – we will lead this effort but not lobby or engage directly.
  • Share the risk with you as our compensation model is largely based upon success.

Advocacy Campaigns Transformed Costs

ACT offering is based on the idea that leadership teams often hold negative views of consultants. That is why ACT does not operate under the traditional, retainer-based, compensation model. ACT created a risk-sharing model whereby clients cover the costs of whatever team is assembled, as well as travel and other out-of-pocket expenses. ACT charges no up-front fees for its advocacy/management services.