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Our Story


Our destiny – call it kismet – is to come together to do great things, to make a difference. At least we think so.

Our specialty is lobbying to make Washington, D.C. work for those who are looking to have an impact through advocacy. Some clients come to us to help them literally change the world – while others are looking for eyes-and-ears on the ground and political intelligence, to better understand – and impact — impending and current federal laws.

We believe in what we do. And that our work with businesses of all sizes — Fortune 500, mid-size and start-ups,  non-profit organizations, higher education institutions and state and local governments — has real consequence and value.

The approach we take to advocacy is grounded in these core principles.

We know that for a lot of organizations, Washington, D.C. can seem like Mount Everest – a challenging mountain to climb that takes down world-class climbers and novice adventurers alike.

So here’s the key.

The Capstone Team recognizes that there are many ways to climb a mountain, picking the right path is what’s important.

That’s why we are proud to be DC Sherpas – renowned for our guiding skills – who have the experience and expertise to set the route, execute a strategy and get results.

You see, in Washington, it’s about having a dialogue, not a monologue, where speaking powerfully is more important than yelling louder. And that power comes from knowledge acquired over decades working in DC and knowing that you are representing organizations that are also working to make a difference.

That’s what we get to do everyday.