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National Defense News Impacting Wisconsin 11/26/2012
27 Nov 2012

National Defense News Impacting Wisconsin 11/26/2012

Defense Officials Preview “Better Buying Power 2.0” Initiative

Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter unveiled a proposed new phase of the Defense Department’s “Better Buying Power” initiative that since 2010 has shaped the department’s acquisition arm to “do more without more.”


New Cyber Group Aims To Spread Basic Security

After cybersecurity legislation failed a key procedural hurdle in the U.S. Senate this fall, a new public-private partnership is attempting to step in, providing a framework based on 20 security concepts designed to eliminate the vast majority of vulnerabilities and increase the cost of attack.


DOD Looks To Reduce Time & Cost Of Weapon Design

As a part of the “Better Buying Power 2.0” initiative, the U.S. Defense Department is looking at designing new weapons and equipment so foreign nations could more easily purchase them – an effort aimed to eliminate costly and time consuming redesigns needed to export many military systems today.


New Military Strategy Could Save DOD Billions

For the past year, senior DOD officials have said the Pentagon would need to develop a new military strategy should the Pentagon have to weather spending reductions above the $487 billion in cuts already planned over the next decade. The Stimson strategy focuses on protecting the United States, protecting U.S. allies and assuring access to the global commons.


Military’s Plans To Expand Use Of Biofuels

Led by the Navy and Air Force, the Department of Defense wants to reduce its dependence on oil by getting as much as 50 percent of its fuel from advanced biofuels by 2020. DOD’s top leaders have said reducing the military’s use of oil is essential to national security, troop safety and avoiding fuel price spikes.


New U.S. Force Structure Emphasizes Support Role In Afghanistan

In a major shake-up of the U.S.-led combat mission in Afghanistan, up to eight newly designed units — dubbed security force assistance brigades (SFABs) — will replace an equal number of U.S. Army brigade combat teams across the east and south of the country by next spring, bringing a new focus to the training and advising mission while pushing Afghans to take the lead in security operations.


DOD Kicks Off Program To Develop New Presidential Helicopter

A new effort to find a replacement for the aging helicopters that serve the U.S. president has begun with the release November 23rd of a draft solicitation aimed at potential competitors.


Nations Unite To Heighten Allied Air Power

Pilots from seven nations, including the U.S., have been working together with a goal to increase effectiveness of allied air forces and strengthen multinational partnerships. This Tactical Leadership Program course, a NATO-based training exercise held November 5th-30th, encourages interoperability by developing leadership skills, enhancing tactical air operation abilities, and reaffirming conceptual and doctrinal initiatives.


Sequestration Or Not – DOD & Defense Firms Will Take A Hit

Even if the U.S. Congress is able to hammer out a debt deal that avoids sequestration in January, the resulting agreement will likely result in billions of dollars in additional cuts to the Defense Department, perhaps as much as $25 billion, likely forcing the military to alter its roles and missions.


Federal Cuts Likely To Hit Small Contractors Hardest

The threat of dramatic federal spending cuts at the start of next year is already taking a toll on small defense contractors, who say they’ve been grappling for months with a major slowdown in the awarding of contracts and steeper competition from large firms. If policymakers fail to reach a deal to stop the cuts in defense and domestic spending, small firms fear they will be the hardest hit. Economists and industry experts agree.

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