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Lessons From The Sandbox
29 Jan 2013

Lessons From The Sandbox

As the Morning Fix noted, “Congress is not particularly good at getting things done these days. What it is very good at, however, is waiting till the last minute, delaying and — eventually, when all other options are exhausted — kicking the can down the road. Congress continued its trend of can-kicking this week when the House voted on extending the debt ceiling for three months — complete with a trigger mechanism that prevents lawmakers from getting paid if they fail to produce a budget once that extension lapses.  … If you were just overcome with sense of deja vu, it’s because we’ve been down this road before.”(Many Times) “With the fiscal cliff barely in the rearview mirror, Congress now faces self-imposed deadlines on the sequestration cuts, the debt ceiling and passing a budget. Welcome to the 3rd week of the 113th Congress.

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