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Immigration Reform News This Week

15 Mar 2013

Immigration Reform News This Week

SENATORS REACH OUTLINES OF IMMIGRATION DEAL The bipartisan group of eight senators working to craft an immigration-reform package have reached an agreement on a chief sticking point, a pathway to citizenship, The Los Angeles Times reports. Illegal immigrants without criminal records would register with the DHS, pay a fine, and pay federal income tax, though they would not receive federal benefits. After a probationary period that could last more than a decade, they would then be able to apply for a green card.
WHY PASSING IMMIGRATION REFORM WON’T HELP THE GOP NJ writes, “Some conservatives fear that enacting immigration reform is a mere political gesture that will do little good in the long term. And there is considerable evidence they’re right. …Hispanics’ estrangement from Republicans is not just due to the well-known resistance of Romney and others to support citizenship for those here illegally. On a slew of issues, Hispanics are drawn to the Democratic Party, and it has become harder, albeit not impossible, for Republicans to pry them loose even with the lure of immigration reform.”
WHITE HOUSE ADMITS RELEASE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Because of sequestration budget cuts, more than 2,000 illegal immigrants were released from jail in February, the Obama administration told Congress on Thursday, Politico reports.
SENATE GOP WANTS MORE DETAILS ON RELEASE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Senate Republicans are working to require Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to provide more details about the hundreds of illegal immigrants it released last month, The Hill reports.

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