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House Campus Access Update to Official Business Visitor Procedures
22 Apr 2021

House Campus Access Update to Official Business Visitor Procedures

Important Information

TO: All Members of Congress and Staff
FROM: Timothy P. Blodgett, Acting Sergeant at Arms
DATE: April 21, 2021   

SUBJECT:     House Campus Access Update to Official Business Visitor Procedures 

The OAP continues to recommend maximum teleworking for all Congressional offices. In addition, it is strongly encouraged that all meetings continue to be done virtually instead of in person. However, if your office needs to meet with official business visitors, Members and staff are advised that the U.S. Capitol and House Office Buildings will reopen for Official Business Visitors (OBV) on the following dates and with the following procedures:

  • U.S. Capitol – Monday, April 26
  • House Office Buildings – Thursday, April 29

OBV access will require a Member and/or staff escort at all times in all areas until further notice. In addition, all offices must provide meeting and guest information for visitors so badges can be provided. This will enable U.S. Capitol Police to readily identify OBVs. In all cases, Members, staff, and visitors must maintain 6-foot social distance spacing as much as practicable when in the offices or the Capitol.

Please note the following guidelines that will be in effect for all visitors:

  • Hours of operation for all OBV entrances will be 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Official business visitors to House Office Buildings must be met by House staff at a designated entrance and escorted to and from their destination.
    • Capitol – South Door (please note that all visitors coming to the Capitol must be met outside at the Independence and NJ Avenue gate, and then escorted inside the South Door)
    • Cannon – Cannon Northwest ADA Door
    • Longworth – Longworth Main Door
    • Rayburn – Horseshoe Entrance
  • Visitors must be escorted by staff at all times.
  • An individual Member and/or staff person may escort a maximum of five (5) visitors at a time, for a total group size of six.
  • Staff and visitors must practice meaningful social distancing while part of the group and must wear masks.
    • All guests must wear a well-fitted surgical mask that completely covers the nose and mouth.
    • The mask should be worn for the entirety of the visit from start to finish. Surgical masks will be provided to them if they do not already have one as part of their visit. Should a visitor(s) be noncompliant with coronavirus social distancing guidelines, they may be subject to removal from the building.
    • Please note that there should be no group meals with visitors and any dining should strictly follow the social distancing guidelines. Meals should be taken wherever possible outdoors or at a location other than the House Office Buildings.
  • Prior to a visit, the sponsor of the visitor must attest that each visitor has completed a daily health survey and that the survey was negative prior to their visit.
  • All appointments (with a full list of names) must be submitted in writing to the Sergeant at Arms prior to their appointment via this email address:
    • Name of the staff escort who will be responsible for remaining with the visitor at all times must also be included.
  • Official Business Visitors must check in at the designated appointments desk where IDs will be checked, and badges will be issued.

Please note that the Capitol and CVC remain closed to all tours, including Member, staff-led and public tours. In addition, the House Gallery remains closed to all visitors.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance as we begin to gradually reopen the Capitol and office buildings.  If you have questions, please contact my office at (202) 225-2456.

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