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The new Capstone: a smart public affairs firm

25 Jul 2013

The new Capstone: a smart public affairs firm

Earlier this year we made a huge move.  We decided to expand our offering from “just” a government affairs firm to a Public Affairs firm.  We did this by adding a public relations division led by Kate Venne.  The rational for this was something we’d been thinking about for a long time, namely that the business of government relations has changed … a lot.  Lobbying firms can no longer rely primarily on relationships to get things done.  Instead, smart government affairs firms have the ability to launch a PR campaign in support of their clients.  We can now simply do that in-house.

Kate joins our experienced and talented team of GA pros to make sure messages get delivered in a way that policy makers can relate and understand.  I’m happy to report that after a couple of months this is the best decision we at Capstone have made in ages.

Last week the newly configured Capstone team had a very productive 3-day retreat in Green Lake, Wisconsin. On an individual level, we really had some great interactions with each other. As a company, we developed a deeper understanding of who we are, what we do, and, most importantly, where we’re going.

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Kate Venne assesses Capstone's strengths during our retreat.

PR Director Kate Venne

DC partner Steve Moffit and Milwaukee partner Joyce Rubenstein present on Capstone's product offerings,

DC partner Steve Moffit and Milwaukee partner Joyce Rubenstein

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