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Defense News Inside Wisconsin 11/26/2012
27 Nov 2012

Defense News Inside Wisconsin 11/26/2012

Wisconsin National Guard Recruiters Take Top Honors

Sergeant 1st Class Joshua Mannel of New Richmond, Wisconsin was named to the Chief’s 54 – a distinction reserved for the top National Guard recruiter from each state and territory. The man in charge of his team, Master Sergeant Jason Meyers, earned his own honors after the regional recruiting and retention council named him the top noncommissioned officer in charge.


Oshkosh Corporation: At risk?

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, known for buying stakes in struggling companies and shaking them up to increase the value of the shares, is now warning that U.S. military spending cuts put Oshkosh’s military business at risk. Icahn, who is the largest shareholder in Oshkosh, made an unsolicited bid in October to acquire all shares outstanding in a deal valued at about $3 billion.


Fort McCoy Welcomes New Director At Challenge Academy

Mike Murphy, a lieutenant colonel in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, began his new position as the director of the Wisconsin National Guard Challenge Academy. Murphy has more than 24 years with the Wisconsin Army National Guard, including a deployment to Balad, Iraq as commander of Troop E, 105th Cavalry and five years of full-time stateside duty supporting deployed units.


Wisconsin Guard Security Team Prepares For Afghanistan

Senior Wisconsin National Guard leaders visited the deploying 104th Security Force Advise and Assist Team (SFAAT) training at Fort Polk, La., mid November. The SFAAT is part of a key cog in the nation’s overall exit strategy for Afghanistan. That strategy depends on establishing an Afghan government and military able to function on its own after U.S. forces leave the country in 2014.


Army Reserve Medics Train At Fort McCoy

Soldiers participated in a situational training event at the Army Combat Medic Sustainment Course at the Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) – Fort McCoy. The 10-day training event is critical to ensuring Army Reserve medics maintain their life-saving skill sets.

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