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D.C. Region Sequestration Effects

03 Jun 2013

D.C. Region Sequestration Effects

The Washington metropolitan area has yet to show significant adverse effects from sequestration, The Washington Post reports. The region has added 40,000 jobs in the past few months, while data released Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that unemployment remained steady at 5.3%. … Still, with federal employees subject to unpaid furloughs, the region may yet feel the impact of the cuts.” Meanwhile, Civilian employees at the DoD began receiving furlough notices on Tuesday, The Washington Post reports. Affected employees face up to 11 days of unpaid leave as a result of sequestration. Distribution of the notices will be completed by June 5, and workers will have seven calendar days to file appeals. HARDEST HIT Virginia and California will be the states hardest hit by DoD furloughs, according to Bloomberg News.

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