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Cyber Security
15 Mar 2013

Cyber Security

SPY CHIEF ON CYBERATTACKS For the first time in his annual presentation to Congress on the threats facing the United States, National Intelligence Director (NID) James Clapper listed cyberattacks first, The New York Times reports. Although Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee he only saw a “remote chance” of a major cyberattack in the next two years, he warned that such an attack could “cripple America’s infrastructure and economy,” and was a more immediate and pressing threat to the United States than a major terrorist attack. Since 2001, intelligence officials have usually listed international terrorism first in this annual address to Congress. OFFENSIVE CYBER TEAMS “The Pentagon is putting in place cyber teams capable of carrying out offensive operations in response to kinetic cyberattacks on the United States,” Keith Alexander, head of Cyber Command, told Senate Armed Services Committee.

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