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Capstone Construct: Filter – Micro meets Macro
16 Sep 2014

Capstone Construct: Filter – Micro meets Macro


For years, we’ve been fascinated by how the brain reacts to information, and subsequently, how it leads a person to make a decision.   What messages trigger responses from which parts of the brain?

We’ve also loved the advances in the use of data, led by the “quants” that validate messages and find meaning in information that most people think is meaningless. Think about what the Obama campaign did with their use of data for targeting voters. It was a symphony worthy of the classics.

Now what if you combined the two approaches? What if you looked at how the brain responded to a message and how the analytics lead to a targeted approach using all the data that’s available? Now THAT would be powerful. As it so happens, that it’s exactly what we are doing.

Through years of multi-dimensional work we have developed deep strategic partnerships in the neurological community along with world of campaign analytics. We might not be scientists or big data mathematicians but our strategic partners are. Moreover, you have to know what to do with the information once you have it.  That’s where we come in. It’s really all about how advanced one wants to be in terms of choosing the right tool.

filterBLUEThere are a variety of testing tools that will allow us to synthesize creative ideas into a cohesive product. On one end of the spectrum, we have our internal creative assessment and access to focus groups, online and face-to-face polling, and neuro-marketing tools; with fMRI’s, Ultra sound, and brain-specific tools developed for the Army on the other end.

Our strategic partners help us analyze data to refine messaging and targeting, along with where that information is filtered to help us understand if the message is relatable, understandable, visual and targetable.

I’m so excited about this particular phase of the Construct. The possibilities for what we can do with this type of data, micro and macro, are limitless. Whether we want someone to be interested in your company or see your side of an advocacy issue, the Filter stage of the process can be a key turning point in developing the messaging campaign.



For more background on Capstone’s CEO, John C. Rogers, click here for his bio at Capstone or here for his Wikipedia entry.

Connect with him on LinkedIn or follow John on Twitter.

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