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Budget News This Week

15 Mar 2013

Budget News This Week

OPENING BUDGET BIDS WashPost writes, “Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are drafting radically different budget blueprints that offer little room for compromise, even as President Obama presses lawmakers to take another shot at a far-reaching agreement to tame the national debt. RYAN PLAN On Tuesday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) rolled out a 10-year spending plan that would revive the most controversial prescriptions from last year’s GOP budget, including a partial privatization of Medicare and a repeal of the health-care law that is Obama’s signature policy achievement. Meanwhile, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) briefed her colleagues on a competing plan that would raise taxes by nearly $1 trillion over the next decade and spend nearly $100 billion on a new jobs package — ideas Republicans have firmly rejected.” #1 THING TO KNOW ABOUT THE RYAN BUDGET It’s DOA in the Senate and White House. POINT We’re not going to refight the past” — Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) COUNTERPOINT Fox News,Ryan: New House Republican budget includes ObamaCare repeal.”
ON CAPITOL HILL … CR PUNT Politico writes, “Unable to complete work on all the amendments filed by senators, the Senate punted the Continuing Resolution to next week. The hybrid spending bill, which includes a full-year spending plan for the Pentagon, has a number of amendments before it, including one to strip money for biofuels testing and another to force the military to resume tuition assistance for active duty service members. Work on the bill resumes Monday.”

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