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472 Pages Of Affordable Care Act Rules Roll Out

18 Jan 2013

472 Pages Of Affordable Care Act Rules Roll Out

“HHS rolled out its implementation of the sweeping health care overhaul. The 472 pages of new regulations issued by the department on Monday prescribe rules for states to expand their Medicaid programs and how the law’s health care exchanges will work,” The Hill reported. NEW WEBSITE FOR UNISURED USA Today writes, “The federal government Wednesday kicked  off an effort to raise awareness about the most controversial part of the health care law — the requirement that the uninsured buy health care insurance. The Department of Health and Human Services plans to re-launch its website to try to draw in the millions of uninsured people needed to make the health care law work when open enrollment in state and federal health care exchanges begins in October. …  Also Wednesday, the government announced a new name for the federal exchange as part of its marketing effort: the “Health Insurance Marketplace.”

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