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10 Days of Crisis Communications: Number 2
26 Dec 2013

10 Days of Crisis Communications: Number 2

There are lots of great tips out there for dealing with a crisis. One of the nicest, most succinct ones we’ve seen comes courtesy of Melissa Agnes and addresses the Top Ten Crisis Management Take-Aways from 2013. So, the team at Capstone decided our Christmas gift to you is the Ten Days of Crisis Management – You won’t find any maids a milking here, but you will find the Capstone team’s deeper dives on Melissa’s list. To read Melissa’s original list, click here.


day 2



#2. “Your online reputation IS your reputation.” – Melissa Agnes



Whether you’re a Fortune 500 Company or a freshman in college – what you say and do online matters. A lot. See these Twitter realities.


Positive customer experiences on Twitter equate to a positive brand reputation for potential users. How many people said they were WestJet customers for life after they watched this amazingly heartwarming Christmas video?

Your online reputation as a brand needs to go deep past your social media or PR shop, and into your organization’s culture. If your organization is forward-thinking, with an eye towards your audience, the social media and interactive staff will be able to make your online reputation soar.

Beyond customer experiences, your own personal reputation is placed on display. has a great piece on the 10 things you need to know about online reputation management.

As we’ve seen time and again, a post from your past will absolutely come back to haunt you. Earlier this year, a campaign staffer for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was fired – virtually immediately – after several racist tweets were unearthed. Those tweets were two years old. In the high stakes world of politics, even state and local politics, no campaign can afford to have a lingering online trail of tweets. For the staffer, she’ll struggle mightily, and for years to come, to overcome that reputation.

Over the last 8 days, we’ve talked a lot about managing online crises, and we’ve given you some tips for minimizing situations. And all those pointers and examples are valid as we discuss your online reputation.

If you haven’t seen our fist handful of posts, you can start with number ten here. Stay tuned tomorrow, for our final take-away of 2013!



Kate Venne


Kate Venne is the Director of Public Relations at Capstone National Partners.
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