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5 Steps to Selecting a Public Relations Agency

You’re ready to launch a new product, tackle the details of planning and publicizing a special event, or are facing a crisis situation. Now what? The absence of an internal public relations professional or department means you may need to consider a new partnership with an outside PR agency.… Read More

The Washington Report – April 11, 2014

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Congress Debates the Big Mac. Really. … Sebelius …  It Must Be Something In The Water … McCutcheon. Meh … Where’s Ukraine? … Marriage Gap in 2014 … The Third Rail: Dry Cleaning Price Inequity …  and other news of the week.… Read More

An Opinion on McCutcheon, Money & Politics

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that a single contributor is no longer capped on how many candidates and party committees he or she can give to in a given election cycle. In effect, the court ruled that some of the Watergate-era limits on campaign contributions are unconstitutional.… Read More

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