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Capstone, a state-of-the-art public affairs company.

Capstone creates intelligent advocacy & influence campaigns that shape the way target audiences view our client partners and their goals.

The Washington Report – September 19, 2014

This week’s Washington Report! To sign up for the direct email, click here.   Lawmakers have left town – both chambers are now essentially done with their work before the November 4th election. And then… THE NEXT CLIFF on Dec. 11, when the continuing resolution (CR) funding the government expires. Best, Joyce Rubenstein and the […]

Capstone Construct: From Execution to Integration

The Execution phase: where the rubber meets the road and we complete the deliverables determined during the Goaling, Essence Inventory, and Charrette phases. During Execution is when we develop the strategy and tactics that bring your story to life. But the best executed plan can fall flat without the messaging being firmly integrated into every […]

Capstone Construct: Guideposts

Like any other service industry the public affairs space covers the gamut from appalling to amazing. We of course want to be amazing – every day. But how can a potential customer judge? After all, if you’re in the Government affairs or PR spaces you’re most likely a good communicator. So how does a CEO […]

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